5th Apr 2021

COVID TIME have left many people unemployed. Many attendants who wanted to work for patients, had to struggle in Government set ups to get their RT PCR test done. The reports are available in 48 to 72 hrs. It was quite tough for them as they needed urgent reports to be able to look after sick patients. KDCT, identified these people & got their tests done. This gesture helped them get their bread & Butter.KDCT organized tests for 22 such workers.

Helping patients for post Covid recovery

Patients who had Covid were provided initial medicines by the dispensaries but post covid recovery was quite a task.They needed medication for their weakness,for fever and other symptoms. Kamla Devi Charitable trust helped them with medicines and food.

Lunch And Food Packets

During the lock down, maids & domestic help could not come.

The Senior Citizens, whether affected with Covid or not affected with Covid found it very difficult to make food.

Kamla Devi Charitable Trust provided food to more then 10 families. till their complete recovery.

Cheering up health care workers,the sole labourers guarding the under construction buildings,the few beldars sitting in labour chowk and the colony guards who are working tirelessly round the clock.We distributed fruits,biscuits,food to them